Taller del Chucho

We are an animation studio that encourages local talent, fostering a space for production, innovation, dissemination and promotion of the film industry. We seek to have a direct impact in the central-western region of the country by attracting national and international productions. We have a talented team of animators and staff who can complete the entire pipeline of audiovisual productions.


Rita Basulto

Rita Basulto (1973)

Winner of 4 Ariel Awards. Graduated in Plastic Arts and Audiovisual Media from the University of Guadalajara. She has directed Lluvia en los ojos and Eclosión. Co-director of El octavo día, La creación and Zimbo. She has collaborated as a photographer, puppet designer and art director in short and feature films such as Desierto adentro, Jaulas, Mutatio, Los Aeronautas and Tío. She has also collaborated with studios such as Mackinnon & Saunders and Warner Bros Animation. Shas has also been part of the official selection of more than 50 national and international festivals: Annecy, Stuttgart, Animac, Landshuter Kurzfilm, to name a few. She is currently directing the stop motion short film Humo. Member of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Science since 2021.

  • 2000 El octavo día, la creación (co-direction with Juan José Medina)
  • 2013 Lluvia en los ojos
  • 2017 Zimbo (co-direction with Juan José Medina)
  • 2020 Eclosión
  • 2021 Humo (in process)
Sofía Carrillo

Sofía Carrillo (1980)

Graduated in Audiovisual Arts from the University of Guadalajara. Winner of 2 Ariel awards for best animated short film with Prita Noire and Cerulia. The artist's short films have attracted the attention of festivals such as Sundance, the Annecy International Animation Festival and several fantastic film festivals that have distinguished her with awards. She has been a member of the Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences since 2018. Active member of the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences AMACC. With La bruja del fósforo paseante, Sofía ventured into the fictional short film, nominated for an Ariel for Best Short Film in 2020.

  • 2008 Fuera de control
  • 2011 Prita Noire
  • 2013 La Casa Triste
  • 2014 El Corazón del Sastre
  • 2017 Cerulia
  • 2017 XX pasión por el horror, dirigida por Jovanka Vuckovic, Annie Clark, Roxanne Benjamin y Karin Kusama (Creator and animator of the animated cartoons in the first horror anthology directed by women)
  • 2018 La bruja del fósforo paseante
Karla Castañeda

Karla Castañeda (1978)

After graduating in Communication Sciences, Karla devoted herself fully to the universe of stop motion. Due to her work and poetic and personal style, her short films have attracted attention at many festivals. Her short film Jacinta participated in a large number of festivals and was distinguished, among others, with awards such as The Black Pearl at MEIFF (Middle East International Film Festival). Both Jacinta and La noria have stood out with two Ariel awards. Karla is making her third short film Canción de noche and co-writing with Guillermo del Toro her script for her first stop motion feature film, which is also produced by Del Toro.

  • 2007 Jacinta
  • 2012 La noria
  • 2014 Félix, el coleccionista de miedos
  • 2021 Canción de Noche
René Castillo

René Castillo (1969)

Graduated from Communication Sciences. He is a screenwriter, director and producer. He began the animation world in a self-taught way and obtained for his animation short films Sin sostén and Hasta los huesos, unsuspected successes. Sin sostén was distinguished in various showcases and festivals, Hasta los Huesos won more than thirty national and international awards, among others, the award for best animated short film at the Annecy International Film Festival, FICG and Ariel in 2002. The director founded in 2005 the animation studio Mandaraka Producciones, in which he created animation using different techniques; stop motion, 2D and computer animation. He is currently writing, directing and producing his first feature film Thingdom, in co-production with an animation studio in China.

  • 1998 Sin sostén
  • 2001 Hasta los huesos
León Fernández

León Fernández (1976)

As a sculptor, animator, producer and creative director of OUTIK Animation Studio, León has collaborated on a wide variety of stop motion animation projects and the creation of puppets for Humanimalia Studio, of which he is a co-founder. He has also written and made the short films Mutatio, Taller de Corazones and Los aeronautas, with which he won the Ariel award for best animated short film. In 2020 he did an internship at Mackinnon & Saunders to specialize in making stop motion puppets.

  • 2011 Mutatio
  • 2016 Taller de corazones
  • 2016 Los aeronautas
  • 2021 Ramas torcidas (in progress)
Juan Medina

Juan Medina (1974)

Graduated in Plastic Arts. In addition to being a producer and director, he has also been dedicated to audiovisual production since 1995. Besides directing short films, he has also made animated sequences for feature films. His short films El octavo día, la creación, co-directed with Rita Basulto, Jaulas and Zimbo have been distinguished with various national and international awards, highlighting three Ariel awards for best animated short film and one for best VFX. In 2021 he presents his short film Tío and is currently developing his feature film debut Niño carbón.

  • 2000 El octavo día (co-directed with Rita Basulto)
  • 2006 Animated sequence Desierto adentro by Rodrigo Pla
  • 2009 Jaulas
  • 2015 Zimbo (co-directed con Rita Basulto)
  • 2021 Tío
Luis Tellez

Luis Tellez (1969)

Graduated from Political and Social Sciences at Mexico City, the animator, director and producer has been dedicated to stop motion since 1993 and has directed commercials, music videos for legendary bands such as Korn, In flames and Cuca, as well as IDs for Cartoon Network and film festivals. He arrived in Guadalajara in 1998 and since then he has promoted animation through collaboration as an animator in a large number of short films from Hasta los huesos, Jacinta and La noria. He directed and wrote the short film Viva el rey, which was awarded the Ariel for best animated short film in 2019. He is currently working on the feature film Inzomnia.

  • 2010 La increíble historia de la niña pájaro y el niño terrible
  • 2010 La cosa que más duele en el mundo
  • 2011 El gran viaje
  • 2017 Viva el rey


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